Dozens arrested in Desert Hot Springs parolee sweep

Opeation Sandstorm began at 6AM Tuesday

Dozens arrested in Desert Hot Springs sweep

DESERT HOT SPRINGS, Calif. - Thirty people are back behind bars Tuesday after a parolee sweep operation was conducted in Desert Hot Springs. The investigation, dubbed 'Operation Sandstorm', began at about 6:30 a.m.

Alexandra Pierce was on scene at 12 p.m. where at least 16 individuals had already been arrested during the parolee sweep, that number grew to 30 once the sweep concluded at 2 p.m. Pierce said all of them were arrested for violating certain terms of their parole. The violations could be as simple as individuals having drugs and/or alcohol when they're not supposed to.

160 different law enforcement agents worked to complete Tuesday's sweep including the Drug Task Force, Boarder Patrol and the FBI. The agencies worked in teams targeting 150 parolees.

"They have been arrested for any number of reasons. Some have misdemeanor warrants, some have felony warrants, some are just not compliant and they have been arrested. And were doing with them flash incarceration, where they're send back to state prison to remind them that if they fall out of compliance they're going back to prison," said Chief Dale Mondary.

Chief Mondary said it was time for a zero tolerance operation of this scale since there hasn't been one in a year and a half. They hope to do sweeps periodically as they see fit.


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