Cyber extortion gang targets La Quinta dentistry office

Cyber extortion gang targets La...

LA QUINTA, Calif. - A cyber extortion gang known as the Dark Overlord, which recently released unaired episodes of ABC's "Steve Harvey's FUNDERDOME" has now spilled 12,000 patient records from two Southern California medical and dental clinics, including one in La Quinta. 

The La Quinta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry is the local office dealing with the theft and release of the data. 

The hacking group claims they've obtained and now released the records of 6,300 patients from the La Quinta office. Information released includes names, addresses, birth dates, phone numbers and marital status.  The document contained more than 500 pages of patient information.

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Alexandra Pierce spoke to Daniel Algazi, who owns DA Computers. He said there are some things you can do if your information was leaked.

"I would recommend getting a LifeLock or, if you go to Experian, you can buy identity insurance. It's, like, $6 a month or like $50 a year and they'll insure your identity so if it does get compromised even more, then you have protection," Algazi said.

Algazi said there's not much that can be done with the information that was leaked from the dental office. But you should still watch out.

"Your banks will never ask for your bank account number, never for your Social. No corporation is going to ask you for your private information. If someone calls you and asks you for your information, just hang up on them," Algazi said.

More background information on the Dark Overlord's recent cyber attack:

Algazi said businesses should make sure to have two separate WiFi networks and make sure their home WiFi network has a password so no one can access your information.

KESQ and CBS Local 2 want to make it clear that following this report, we shredded all the documents with personal information on them.

On June 5, the group released eight unaired episodes of ABC’s “Steve Harvey’s FUNDERDOME” show and subsequently spilled 12,000 patient records from two Southern California medical and dental clinics.

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