"We are very surprised to receive $520 in counterfeit money in the past few weeks, it's kind of a shock," Father Howard Lincoln from Sacred Heart Church said. 

Father Lincoln told parishioners at last Sunday's mass that Sacred Heart Church is getting a lot of fake money. His accountant of 23 years says this has never happened to the church before.   

"In the past four weeks we received four $100 bills, two $50 bills and a $20 bill that are counterfeit," Father Lincoln said. 

Father Lincoln doesn't know which mass the fake bills came from. 

"We know, or we think our parishioners are not counterfeiting money, but we want them to know it's circulating out there," he said.  "For my knowledge it's just Sacred Heart. We have heard it's taking place in the valley." 

The Palm Springs Police Department said it's seen a rise in the use of counterfeit bills. We talked to a couple other valley churches, who told us they haven't received any counterfeit money - that they know of. 

Father Lincoln told parishioners so they could be on the lookout. 

"It was for their information and to be careful. Most of us don't receive $100 bills in change, but just to be careful because there is that type of money floating around," he said. 

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