Rep. Ruiz aids injured passenger on airplane

Local Rep. Raul Ruiz put his medical expertise to use while waiting for his plane to takeoff Monday morning.

Just before boarding their flight from Phoenix to Washington D.C., a passenger suffered a deep cut to his finger, delaying the plane's departure.

Ruiz, an emergency room physician, was seated in the same row as the passenger and offered to help. 



According to his office, Ruiz cleaned the wound, applied pressure, made an on-the-spot dressing with gauze, and controlled the bleeding. He then helped the passenger keep the wound elevated.

The flight took off shortly afterwards.

This is far from the first time Ruiz treated a passenger on an airplane. In 2013, Ruiz aided a passenger who had collapsed while on a flight bound for Fort Worth, Texas. Nearly a year later, Ruiz helped a Breitbart News columnist who had suffered a seizure while on a flight bound for Phoenix.

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