Coachella Valley reacts to President's brief immigration address

Coachella Valley reacts to President Obama's brief immigration address

THOUSAND PALMS, Calif. - President Barack Obama devoted only a minute or so of his State of the Union address to immigration, one of his top policies in 2013, after he won his re-election with 71 percent of the Latino vote.

His short address on the issue disappointed Coachella Valley Comite Latino family support worker, Edgar Castro, of Mecca. Castro works with more than 15 immigrant families a week.

"They ask me all of the time on what is happening with immigration reform. I have to say 'Nothing. Nothing is happening,'" said Castro.

"It's a little frustrating for the immigrant community because he didn't say anything different than in past State of the Unions," said immigration attorney Cesar Luna. "It seems his political capitol has wound down as far as his push for immigration reform."

Castro said leaders on Capitol Hill are playing political football with the issue.
However, the optimistic president said members of both parties in the house want to address immigration reform.

"We're working on a step-by-step solution to immigration reform by first securing our borders and making sure America will always attract the best, brightest, and hardest working from around the world." said Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers.

Castro said enough talk, it's time for action. He's hoping for "an agreement that facilitates a pathway to citizenship. Without having to wait 20 or 10 years," said Castro.

"Let's get immigration reform done this year," said President Obama.

Experts warn time to pass immigration reform is running out.

"This will be critical time. If nothing really comes out after June, everyone will focus on election time. The possibilities of having anything pass, it's pretty much slim to none," said Luna.

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