Coachella Valley H.S. pool undergoes multimillion dollar renovation

Coachella Valley H.S. pool undergoes multimillion dollar renovation

COACHELLA, Calif. - When classes resume in the fall, we'll see some major upgrades at Coachella Valley High School.

"This is one of the few things we've built in 103 years, we're up for renovation everywhere," said Principal Victor Uribe.

The district broke ground over Christmas vacation on a new aquatic center.  It includes an Olympic-size swimming pool and brand new locker rooms.

"We needed to rebuild the whole pool to be able to hold tournaments, swim meets and a water polo team," Uribe said.

But, that's not all. They're also expanding the soccer fields and, due to safety concerns, rebuilding the bleachers. These repairs come with a hefty price tag.

Last November, the school board approved a bid for the aquatic center which totaled more than $3.3 million.

Part of that cost: re-doing the pool with panels specially made in Italy.  It will take more than three weeks for them to be shipped by boat. 

"Compared to a regular pool, they're comparable.  Even including shipment from Italy," Uribe said.

Because of the construction, the graduation ceremony got moved to the Indian Wells Tennis Garden.  That will cost $24,000.

"That's actually a pretty good deal to have it at such a place," Uribe said.

All these expenses leave some wondering, "How?" How can a school district facing budget cuts and layoffs afford it? 

Superintendent Darryl Adams didn't return our phone calls, but Principal Uribe says it's not coming from the same pool of money.

"I know the perception is you're going through the situation with layoffs and RIF's (reduction in force) and those are two completely different funds, the general fund and the facilities fund."

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