Chelsea Clinton volunteers in Coachella Day of Action

Former first daughter puts on hard hat to improve local neighborhood

Chelsea Clinton volunteers in Coachella Day of Action

COACHELLA, Calif. - - Monday, former first daughter and Vice-Chair of the Clinton Foundation, Chelsea Clinton spear-headed a Day of Action, flying in from a colder New York City.

"It's a beautiful day, that's unmistakable, certainly a lot warmer than in New York City," Clinton said, smiling, "but look at all the volunteers here today."

Coachella Community Action Day, is co-sponsored by the Clinton Foundation and the City of Coachella. The Clinton Foundation mobilized and organized a team of more than 100 volunteers, and worked with Coachella to "beautify" the area of Las Palmas St. and Valley Rd.

Volunteers spent the day planting flowers for property owners fronting Las Palmas Street, stenciling all street numbers on the curbs, landscape maintenance and improvements for Our Lady of Soledad Catholic Church, repainting gates and fences, tree trimming, giving 1 to 2 homes mini-makeovers, and bulky trash collection.

One woman hasn't remodeled her home in more than 40 years, and says the makeover is anything but mini. Teams worked for hours tearing down everything from the roof to the tile on the floor.

Talk about a "kick" off... Fitness guru Billy Blanks lead a quick Tae-Bo class with volunteers, including students from Valley View Elementary in Coachella.

They all wrote winning essays about the importance of unplugging and getting active, something hitting home for the "Health Matters" initiative.

"Physical fitness is like a communication tool, like a smart phone," says Blanks, "if you can teach the kids how to communicate with their body with physical fitness, it makes them want to do it more."

Clinton said this city has a lot of soul, and the right about of leadership to effectively become a healthier community.

"The mayor was role modeling exercise earlier. The vice mayor talked about leading a soccer team." Clinton continued, "There are people from the private sector, the public sector, the non-profit sector all of who have come here together on Las Palmas to leave a lasting imprint of the foundation's work on the Coachella Valley here today."

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