On Tuesday, around 11:30 a.m.,  two Cathedral City Police officers were returning to Cathedral City from traffic court in Indio, when they saw a Cal-Fire engine and two vehicles pulled over near the Bob Hope exit, just off of I-10.

According to police, as they approached the cars, a black Mercedes Benz sped off at a high rate of speed.  Police believed they had just witnessed a carjacking, but moments before Cal-Fire personnel had arrived on scene because they had seen four men fighting.

After Cal-Fire relayed what they had witnessed to police, the officers pursued the vehicle and it pulled over on Varner Road, just east of Bob Hope.  Police detained three people at the scene. 

After investigating, police discovered that it was a road rage confrontation that occurred on the freeway, but turned into a physical fight once both parties exited I-10.  

Police say, 22 year-old Adrian Lopez, of Coachella, had a misdemeanor warrant and was arrested on the scene.  A 15 year-old male was taken to the Cathedral City Police Department for driving without a license, and was evaluated for DUI.