The Camelot Theaters in Palm Springs are back open for the holiday weekend after closing down after the Fourth of July. The summer shut down all in an effort to start phase one of their facelift.

"First the renovations were part of an ongoing process to ensure the longevity of the Camelot so it's being done in several phases and we are now done with the first phase which is the facelift," said General Manager Matthew Christensen.

Christensen said he's pleased with the much-needed improvements.

"First of all everything is a lot cleaner than what it used to be. Fresh paint, carpets, floors, auditorium seats and a nice new menu board in concessions," Christensen said.

Some of the big changes to the theater might not be something you notice.

"There's a lot of behind the scenes stuff that people won't see like plumbing, electrical, bathrooms, especially and booth we've upgraded our projection screen," Christensen said.

The theater's management is making an effort to go green. Getting new air conditioning units and making way for solar panels. Visitors said they're pleased with the facelift.

"Camelot is always one of our favorites. We really enjoy the freshness, the cleanliness and the hospitality of the staff. Their films are great and the paint job is fantastic and the seats are tremendous," said Ferris Foster who's visiting from Long Beach.

All renovations set to be complete by October, just in time for the season and the International Film Festival.