Caltrans to close 3 consecutive ramps on I-10

PALM DESERT, Calif. - Bright orange signs along the I-10 freeway from Monterey to Jefferson read onramps and offramps will be closed from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. from now until Oct. 15, creating delays drivers hope to avoid.

"Any time there are ramp closures it becomes very confusing to people, where can I get on or get off?" said George Mahi, of Palm Desert.

Caltrans says crews will sporadically be doing grinding and paving on the interstate and that it's a progressive project, meaning each ramp will be shut down when the immediate area is being worked on. It is not clear which specific days and times the individual on and off ramps will be closed.

"We didn't get any notice, we just saw the posted sign on the on and off ramp," said Nachhattarr Chandi, franchise owner of AMPM.

Chandi says 10 percent to 15 percent of Cook Street customers drive in from I-10, the majority in the overnight hours. He warns the closures will put the breaks on his Palm Desert business.

"They all get panicked, even if one or two lanes are closed. A lot of the people want to get off and go home," said Chandi.

While Caltrans makes repairs, Chandi hopes they'll make some other changes.

"The immediate businesses, adjacent to I-10, they should at least give us good notice," he said.

However, Caltrans says it only sends out commuter alerts for major projects, this is not considered one. While the ramp closures may create some big issues for some, Mahi urges drivers to keep their cool.

"Don't try to get too upset about it ... just drive carefully," said Mahi.

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