The Desert Arc- First Tee Golf Tournament was held at Sunnylands in Rancho Mirage

RANCHO MIRAGE, Calif. - Maya Jones is 12 years old and has been playing golf for the last five years. She was one of the lucky teenagers who got a chance to play golf at the Sunnylands course in Rancho Mirage.

"I didn't even know what this place was until I did an essay on it," said Jones.

That essay became Jones' ticket to play inside the former Annenberg Estate.

"I love playing golf and I was given this amazing opportunity to play at a course that not many people are able to even see," said Jones.

Jones, along with eight other First Tee members, got to play in the Fourth Annual Desert Arc-First Tee Tournament.

Mitch Blumberg is the deputy executive director of Desert Arc and he said he was excited for this opportunity.

"It's just phenomenal for our clients. For our clients to learn to play golf, get a hero in an absolutely gorgeous course ... can you imagine being here at the Annenberg Estates, Sunnylands? I mean, it's a historic day, it's a historic day for us," said Blumberg.

Leonore Deshong, granddaughter of the Annenbergs, was also there.

"This is incredible. My grandmother would've love it. For the community and such special people to be able to use the golf course; this is what it was meant for," said Deshong.

She said she hopes this event can continue so more people can play on this course.

"It was different when my grandmother was alive, they wanted the privacy but, my grandmother set it up specifically for groups to come out and this is, this is her dream," said Deshong.

Barbara Baillie and Mathew Fritz are both a part of Desert Arc.

"I think they should try to come out and play golf at the Annenberg place," said Baillie.

"I do like the people playing golf ... really well today," said Fritz.

And after playing a good nine-hole game, Jones said she looks forward to coming back after high school to become a First Tee coach.

"It's a hard course and if you do end up coming here its an honor. You should really, just take that opportunity if you can," said Jones.

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