Occupy movement makes repeat appearance in Rose Parade

15-foot-high float features "Monopoly" banker riding a red wagon

PASADENA, Calif. - The Occupy movement will be making a repeat appearance  at the 2013 Tournament of Roses Parade, organizers and police told the Los Angeles Times.
      A 15-foot-high float, with the "Monopoly" banker riding a red wagon,  will wheel its way down the 5.5-mile route at the conclusion of the parade,  organizers said. The banker will have strings attached to participants who are  on the verge of losing their homes or have lost their homes in a foreclosure.
      "It symbolizes the grip the banks have on individual homeowners,"  Carlos Marroquin, an organizer with Occupy Fights Foreclosures told the Times.  "We're protesting the foreclosure practices that continue to hurt millions of  families."
      Occupy Fights Foreclosures, a subcommittee of Occupy L.A., is hoping to  capture the attention of the thousands of national and international viewers,  Marroquin told the newspaper, and highlight what they call "illegal bank  practices."
      Occupy organizers expect at least 200 people to march alongside their  float "Occupy Our Homes, It's Not All Roses for the Banksters' Victims."

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