Businesses thankful for Desert Oasis crowds

Businesses thankful for Desert Oasis...

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - Desert Oasis is wrapping up day two at the Empire Polo Grounds in Indio. The brand new festival is bringing a different genre of music to the festival lineup and also bringing business to the valley.

While the crowds might not be as big as Desert Trip, business owners said they're just happy there's another festival. Raw Remedy in downtown Palm Springs was slammed with festivalgoers Saturday.

"The past couple of weekends have been slow, but with Desert Oasis going on sales were pretty good," co-owner Nicolas Valdez said.

Valdez is noticing customers wanted grab-and-go options.

"They were coming in with their wristbands and grabbing their juices in a rush. In and out, going back to the hotels and stuff," Valdez said.

Just up the road, Trio had a similar rush.

"We're busy right when we open and then it does slow down at night when everyone is at the festival, but it brings a lot of business," server Robert Munguia said.

But it's not just restaurants and shops seeing an increase in customers, PSA Organica said it had about 70-80 new customers these past two days.

"A lot of them coming from the west side of the area or from San Diego or Los Angles, stop here cause it's on the way of getting there," manager Anthony Carranza said.

Every business owner agreeing any music festival is good news for the whole valley.

"The festivals generate a lot more business throughout the whole valley. Just generalizing, whether it's medical cannabis or if BevMo! gets it or which McDonald's cause everyone has to choose a spot somewhere," Carranza said.

Many businesses saying these past few weekends were slow and they're happy for an uptick in business.

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