Business suffers while waiting for license

Business Suffers While Waiting for License

CATHEDRAL CITY, Calif. - CATHEDRAL CITY, Calif. - Jonny Formby is a local businessman unable to open his business. Formby owns Everwood Manor, a five-bedroom senior care facility. The property has been cleared by the fire marshal, the clients are waiting to take their rooms, but getting a license has been the hardest part of all. "Everyone has said to me that licensing a facility, six bedders or eight bedders, is taking way too long," said Formby.

According to Formby, the Department of Social Services in Riverside County is understaffed and has far more applications to go over than the workers to process them. Formby said, "There are probably 198 what we've been told, applications in front of us, since the beginning of the application process, which is fine." But he added, "if you don't have enough admin to clear those then you're going to backlog blacklog backlog because every month you're going to get another 50 and another 50 and you're not going to be able to keep up."

Formby said his most recent application was made in January of 2014, but according to a state official, they say his application was received on March 17th. The process should still only take 90 days, but Formby hasn't gotten approved. The bills continue to pile up and the bank will soon take action. "They're calling in the loan. Period. So there is no two ways about it, they're calling in the loan, and in american's language they're asking you to give back the keys and you lose the business."

Formby said he's not the only one going through the tedious process, citing at least over 100 other small business owners in his same situation. The state official responded, stating there is no backlog and the state is committed to working with their current applicants in the most timely way possible.

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