Burglar targets open windows

Burglar targets open windows

DESERT HOT SPRINGS, Calif. - One particular area of Desert Hot Springs has fallen victim to one particular crime. Police say a suspect has entered numerous homes in the north-eastern part of the city through unlocked windows and sliding doors.

"I'm shocked. I live in this area where you guys are saying it's happening," Desert Hot Springs resident Veronica Rummel said.

Police say the suspect strikes whether the home is empty or not, during the evening. People tell us the suspect has some strategy during these cool desert nights.

"That's the catch-22 about living in the desert. You run the risk of maybe putting yourself at risk by keeping the windows open," Desert Hot Springs resident Eddie Valazquez said.

If you need to leave windows open at night, police urge people to secure them to allow minimal opening. Rummel said she has a nightly safe routine.

"Let my dogs out to go potty. I have a pit bull and bulldog, then I lock all the doors," Rummel said.

Now, she says she may do it a bit slower.

"Man that's gonna make me double check everything now," she said.

So far, no injuries reported and no suspect description, but police are asking for your help. If you have any information at all about these crimes, contact the Desert Hot Springs Police Department.

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