Bradley Defeats Marquez by split decision

Las Vegas, NV - Timothy Bradley retains his WBO Welterweight Title Belt after a split decision victory over Juan Manuel Marquez.

The Champ improves to 31-0, 12 knockouts in his career. The fight was scored 115-113 Marquez, 115-113 Bradley, 116-112 Bradley.

Throughout the entire fight Bradley played up the underdog role in a crowd that was pro Marquez and chanted "Marquez" and "Mexico" the entire night.

But Bradley held his ground and said after the fight he won by being a smart fighter. He was asked after the fight about what's next, with speculation looming about a potential rematch with Manny Pacquaio or a showdown with Floyd Mayweather. 

But for now, Saturday October 12th was The Desert Storm's night in Las Vegas. 


Below is a live stream from fight night.

Live Stream from Saturday

End of Fight

Bradley wins by split decision! What a fight!

After 9 

Unbelievable fight so far... Bradley still looks strong and moving around very well... conditioning obviously paying off. 

After 7 rounds

Bradley with some solid defense in the 7th to get out of trouble, Marquez slow and steady progress.  This could go the distance. 

After 4 rounds

Marquez comes in strong rounds 3-4... Bradley needs to gain some momentum

After 2 rounds

Unbelievable last 10 seconds to 2nd round... have a feeling a knockout will win this.


Intros just finished up... Crowd throughly behind Marquez. Bradley video montage song was "All I do is win" and walked out to "Started from the Bottom"... Bradley has the look in his eye!

Michael Buffer making it official "Let's Get Ready to Rumble"

7:51 PM

Just finished up two live shots on CBS Local 2. Arrived at the arena around 6pm and spoke with fans. From the looks of things this is a very pro Marquez crowd and  despite being undefeated, Bradley many believe the Desert Storm is the underdog.

When we sat down with Timothy Bradley last week it was apparent he was extremely confident and had no doubt he would win this fight.

Bradley is 10 years younger than his opponent Marquez (40 years old). Bradley's fight is set to start within the next half hour. The undercard went faster than expected and you can feel the atmosphere building for this Main Event. More to come.

3:30 PM

Welcome to our live stream of the Bradley - Marquez WBO Welterweight Title Fight from Las Vegas.

Timothy Bradley comes into the fight 30-0, 12 knockouts and looking to defend his title belt. Juan Manuel Marquez comes into the fight 55-6-1, 40 knockouts.

Bradley outweighed Marquez at Friday's weigh-in 146 to 144.

Stay tuned for more updates throughout the day and after the final bell rings.

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