A 33 year old man was arrested on Tuesday after Border Patrol agents found narcotics stashed in a hidden compartment of his pickup truck.

The suspect was driving a GMC Sonoma when he approached the Highway 86 checkpoint located between Westmorland and Salton City.

During a secondary inspection of the suspect's vehicle, agents said a K9 alerted them to the front of the truck near the engine. When authorities were looking at the truck's firewall, they discovered an aftermarket compartment filled with 16 cellophane-wrapped packages of methamphetamine.

Agents said they also discovered an aftermarket GPS tracking device under the steering column.

According to Border Patrol, the meth weighed 15.39 lbs. and is estimated to cost about $100,039.

The suspect is a United States citizen. He was taken into custody and his truck and the methamphetamine were handed over to the D.E.A. for further investigation.

Photos: Border Patrol busts man with 15 lbs. meth

POSTED: 01:32 PM PDT May 28, 2014 

A suspected smuggler was arrested in Salton City Tuesday after Border Patrol agents found more than 15 lbs. of methamphetamine stashed in a hidden compartment inside his pickup truck.

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