Blood donations needed due to shortage

Shortage leads to calls for more blood d

LA QUINTA, Calif. - After a tragedy like the one that occurred today in Florida, more people are prone to donate blood. 

The Life Stream Blood Donation Center in La Quinta said they are having a blood shortage and need all types of blood. All you need to do is come in with a valid photo ID and go through a pre-screening. After passing the screening, it takes about 30 minutes to donate your blood.

Iiemmaue Morgan, the manager of the center, said donating is a great start for people who want to help.

"We usually do see an increase in our donor base when we see something tragic like a school shooting or any sort of shooting for that matter," Morgan said. "What we want people to remember is that it's the blood that's going to be on the shelves currently that is actually going to help save lives."

With your one donation of blood, you can save three lives.

For more information on donating, you can call 800-879-4484 or click here.

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