Beaumont liquor store sells winning lotto ticket...again

BEAUMONT, Calif. - The winning ticket for a $36 million SuperLotto Plus jackpot was purchased at a Beaumont liquor store, lottery officials said today.Only one ticket matched all six numbers in Wednesday night's drawing -- and that $1 ticket was bought at Ziggy's Spirit Shop at 345 W. Sixth St., just off Interstate 10.

The winning numbers were: 37, 22, 47, 34, 10 and 23.

"I'm still in shock if you can tell, because we've hit two, so that was the third," said Pooja Patel, one of the store's owners.  "That's pretty crazy."  

Patel and her family have owned the small store for 22 years.  Recently, it's become known as the place where millionaires are made.  In April, someone bought a ticket at Ziggy's and won $6.5 million.  In May, someone else took home nearly $140,000.  And now, the jackpot.  "The store, maybe because it was hidden, maybe because it's on the way to the freeway, I don't know," said LaTasha Ayala, a Beaumont resident.  "It's something special, it is." 

Ziggy's doesn't only display its big winners, they also showcase smaller winners of the scratchers tickets on the back wall.  "Really glad that it was a customer at our store, and it's a regular customer at our store, because they deserve it," said Patel.  Most of our customers have been in here, they're loyal to us." 

The store also wins.  Not only have lines for lotto tickets grown, Ziggy's also gets one half percent of the grand prize.  "On this one, it's $180,000," said Patel.  "Insane, it's just insane."

Now, with this weekend's Powerball drawing worth $196 million, many customers hope the fourth time's a charm.  "Yeah, the Powerball, if I win that, I tell you what, I'll have more friends than I can count," said Kenny McAll. 

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