Audrey Moran & Jonathan Reynoso missing for 8 months

Today marks 8 months since disappearance

COACHELLA VALLEY, Calif. - Jan. 10 marks 8 months since 28-year-old Jonathan Darling Reynoso and 26-year-old Audrey Moran went missing.

The pair were last heard from via a text message on May 10. Two days later, Moran's car was found abandoned along Interstate 10 in Beaumont.

Investigators have had a number leads in these 8 months, but they've all led to dead ends.


Friends and

 family continue to hope that someone comes forward with information that could help investigators locate the pair. Anyone with any information on the disappearance can call the Riverside County Sheriff's Department at 760-393-3544. There is $10,000 reward being offered for information on their whereabouts. 

In November, News Channel 3's I-Team uncovered new details in Audrey & Jonathan's disappearance. You can watch the results of that investigation below.

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