Arsenal of firearms, explosives found on scene of double murder-suicide

Arsenal of firearms, explosives found on scene of double murder-suicide

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - "I'm horrified, totally horrified. Of course, it happened right next door," said Heidi Glass, who lives in the Sunrise Palms gated community where police say a double murder-suicide occurred Thursday evening.

People in the community are in disbelief over the collection of firearms they witnessed being removed from their neighbor's garage. Crews piled the dozens of weapons on the driveway in plain sight. 

"Very frightening of course, very frightening," Glass said.
They also uncovered what appeared to be hand grenades, but officials have not yet confirmed what kind of explosives they found.

"We did find some illegal items used to make destructive devices, but the public is not in danger at this time," said Dep. Armando Munoz of the Riverside County Sheriff's Department.  The RSD worked closely with PSPD to conduct the sweep.

Police are waiting to notify next of kin before releasing the victims' names and ages. 

Glass describes the woman who lived in the home as friendly, but private.

"She was the sweetest young girl, and she always waved, but she kept to herself.  When you see someone everyday like that it gets to you," Glass said.

Glass also recalled when another neighbor helped a man, who may be the male victim, move in with the woman about a month.

"He needed help with his safes being moved in, giant safes with firearms. He knew there were firearms in there," Glass said.

Police say they're not looking for any outstanding suspects in the case, but the investigation is far from over.

"There's a lot of interviews with people that need to take place, associates, friends, there's a lot of things left to do to wrap this up.  There are unanswered questions at this time," said Sgt. Paul Abshire of the Palm Springs Police Department.

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