Almost $10,000 worth stolen from one man's storage unit

Almost $10,000 worth stolen from one man's storage unit

DESERT HOT SPRINGS, Calif. -  James Marmor relies heavily on iStorage.

"I had personal belongings and car parts I would sell, that I made a living off of," Marmor said. 

Last week when he went to his unit in the unincorporated area of Desert Hot Springs, he saw something new.

"There was someone else's padlock on my storage. I knew it wasn't management. It wasn't late payment," he said. "Everything had been gone through and turned upside down."

Marmor said someone got away with $7500 dollars worth or more, he stopped counting.  The director of operations, Rob Consalvo, told us over the phone, " We advised him this is self storage, we don't have control of the property. It's your lock, your key. We advised the tenant to contact the Sheriff's Department and file a police report. So we can process the claim for the stolen property." 

The Riverside County Sheriffs Department says it's received 10 calls just this year about possible problems at the property - a call doesn't mean anything came of it. 

Marmor said he was counting on these car parts for his business, his livelihood, to get him through the summer. Now, this puts him very behind.

Consalvo defended the facility's security - 6 foot gates, surveillance cameras, strong night lighting, and security teams making rounds - but somehow, Marmor still got left without. 

"I've had storage for over 10 years. Never had a problem. This was the last thing I had to worry about," he said. 

He is insured for up to $2000 dollars, but that of course doesn't cover his total loss. So far, no suspect information.  

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