The victim of an alleged assault in front of a honey oil drug lab in Palm Springs is speaking out. The victim claims he was pistol whipped and could have been killed by someone who he thought was his best friend. 

Robert Gray has a black eye, eight stitches above his left eye, and three staples in his scalp. These injuries occurred during one of the scariest moments of his life.

According to Gray on Monday he got a call from his friend Shawn Ziegler. The two had known each other for more than five years. Gray says he kept his tools at Ziegler's home and worked on cars in his driveway.

"He was pretty much my best friend. I would do anything for him and his family, and it was really shocking that it went down like this," Gray said.

Ziegler told Gray he was upset with Gray for not meeting up with him to give him some money, and said was going to take all of Gray's tools and put them out on the curb. Gray left work to get his tools, but then the two began fighting in the front yard. Gray says Ziegler went back in the house and grabbed a gun.

"I thought he shot me. It was so loud, it made me like deaf for a second, all I could hear was ringing. I was telling him that he shot me, but I couldn't even hear myself say it," Gray said.

PSPD arrest man on assault charges in case involving honey oil lab found at home

Gray says that Ziegler pistol whipped him and that the gun went off when it struck him in the head. He said that Ziegler fired several more shots into the ground, and one round into Gray's jeep.

Gray managed to jump in the bed of a passing pickup truck and ride away to call the police. Ziegler was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon and negligently discharging a fire arm. Police also found a honey oil lab inside the home.

Gray says he knew about the lab and says Ziegler uses it to make marijuana products for medical dispensaries.

In addition to his injuries Gray is also left without his dog. Gray say Ziegler was watching his 11-year-old female Maltese name Paintbrush. After the confrontation the dog went missing.

"I have checked all the pounds a couple of times, and I posted on Facebook and started putting up fliers," said Gray.

Gray is looking for anyone's help in the area to give him a call or send him an email if they find the dog.

KESQ & CBS Local 2 went to Ziegler's home to see if he would give a statement, but no one answered the door when we knocked.

According the jail documents, Ziegler is out on bail and is due in court on Oct 13.