Air Force One sat at the Palm Springs International Airport for about 43 hours this weekend. It was the perfect photo opportunity, and chance to see the mother of all fully loaded planes in action, preparing to leave the Coachella Valley.

"It's a really big plane. You notice it when you're driving past when you're driving on the road. You want to come over and check it out, and then you see it has the United States of America on the side of it, and you realize what a special thing it is actually," Tessa Angus said.

Hundreds of people lined the fence on Ramon Road and El Cielo Road, taking in the view of the 4000 square foot three level plane.

"It's actually the closest spot you can get to it because of security," Angus said.

Not everyone got to see Air Force One as close as the media did, but still they said even being behind the fence was more than they could have hoped for.

"Theres something exciting and interesting about getting to see something that's such a part of history," Angus said.

"If you see the president in person its really cool. He comes all the way from Wahington D.C.," Evelyn Serna said.

Some meetings with Chinese Rresident Xi Jinping and a round of golf later, he is gone, that bird in the sky an exclamation point on a whirlwind of a weekend.