The word diamond, of Greek origin, translates to unbreakable. So even if a marriage fails, many people believe the rock can live on in a new one.   

"Diamonds don't get old, we do," Marlene Evans from The Estate Jewelry Collection said. 

The popularity of pre-owned engagement rings is growing, with many websites dedicated to them: 'Have You Seen the Ring', 'Tradesy', and even 'Ex Boyfriend Jewelry'.   

"I think it's a good idea . Look at where the economy is today and how things are. If you find something that's nice that's what you buy," one man said. 

"I don't think I would. It sounds a little tacky. Unless it was vintage," Silvester Stoianovici said. 

Here's what women have to say about it. 

"I'd rather have a brand new ring," Bryna Wasserman said. 

There's logic behind buying pre-owned jewelery, though. 

"They could come in a get a diamond 50% bigger for the same price as if you buy a new one," Evans said. 

"You don't know the ring. The ring has history. You don't know if it brought happiness, didn't bring happiness. It could not be the best thing," Wasserman said. 

"I would be ok with a used ring but I think I'd reset it and I'd want to cleanse it of negative energy," Miller said.  

Estate Jewelery Collection on El Paseo saID they do that often for clients - put a used diamond on a new setting.