A look into Palm Springs standoff suspect's criminal history

Neighbors react to Thursday night's standoff

A look into Palm Springs standoff suspec

32-year-old Larry Hayslett was arrested Thursday night, following an hours-long standoff in which Hayslett barricaded himself inside a Palm Springs home armed with a knife.

Police were originally called to the residence after Hayslett had allegedly threatened to kill his roommate. When officers arrived, Hayslett began acting erratically, grabbed a knife and barricaded himself inside the residence.

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SWAT and police teams surrounded the residence for nearly six hours before arresting Hayslett.

Neighbors say last night's chaos didn't surprise them.

"I worked in the field of domestic violence, I've heard some domestic violence, screaming and yelling," said Ledia Lopez, who lives next door to Hayslett.

According to Riverside County court documents, Hayslett was charged last November with two misdemeanor counts. One for domestic violence, and another for making criminal threats. Court records also show Hayslett had a warrant out for his arrest for allegedly violating probation. 

Robert Forrest knows Hayslett and the roommate Hayslett said the standoff with Hayslett threatened to kill. Forrest said the standoff with Hayslett, also known as "Zeke," came as no shock to him. 

"There's been incidents in the past. I know that Larry has attacked the owner of the home more than once and threatened to kill him. I heard it myself," Forrest said.

Both Forrest and Lopez said they hope for the best with Hayslett and are glad that everyone is safe. 

"I think that once Zeke gets the help that he needs, he'll be ok, but he really does need to get help," Forrest said.

"It's nothing to be ashamed of. let your neighbors know that you're not in a stable situation," Lopez said.

Hayslett is being held on $20,000 bail and is expected to make his first court appearance in Indio next Tuesday. 

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