Wounded police dog resting, anxious to work again

K-9 dog "Ranger" had a toe amputated, his future remains uncertain

POSTED: 03:34 PM PST Dec 12, 2012    UPDATED: 03:32 PM PST Dec 12, 2012 
Ranger CHP Police Dog Beaumont Shot Injured K9 K-9
BEAUMONT, Calif. -

Ranger the K-9 is taking a break from the crime beat after being shot earlier this week during a police standoff in Beaumont.
The CHP let the media have a look at Ranger because so many people want to know how he's doing.

"People are really interested in how the dog works, the dog's recovery.  People are sincerely concerned about the dog's well-being," said Officer Darren Meyer.

The two and a half year old Dutch shepherd was shot while trying to apprehend an armed man who allegedly threatened to kill his wife at home.

"They're part of the team.  When a K9 gets shot, it's like one of our own getting shot," said Meyer.  

Ranger's rear paw is bandaged up.  He was shot in the shoulder.  The bullet went out his elbow, then fragmented and injured a toe that had to be amputated.

"The handler can go back on patrol solo.  He probably doesn't want to, but he can.  The handler's main function is to get that dog rehabilitated and reevaluated so the dog can get back in service," said Meyer.

It's unclear when that will be.  But considering it costs about $25,000 to buy and train a K-9 like Ranger, the CHP hopes he doesn't have to retire just yet.
"Whether it's to find a suspect or smell out narcotics -- that's what the dog is trained to do.  That's his play.  He just wants to go to work," said Meyer.