With the hustle and bustle of our busy lives who has time to plan a wedding? Eureka! The Las Vegas Wedding Wagon can pull up to a Sin City curbside near you and hold the street wedding of your dreams all for about $99.

Andy Gonzalez and James Cass are Internet-ordained ministers who said they were inspired to kick off the Wedding Wagon idea because, "having fun and making people happy seemed like the best job on the planet."

The entrepreneurial reverends said offering "mobile matrimonies" seemed like a simple, affordable and innovative option for couples looking to wed in Las Vegas, so they launched the business together.

"We both saw the potential," Gonzalez told ABC News. "There could be real money here."

As for the Wedding Wagon’s denomination, the ex-corporate businessmen said they are kind of nondenominational.

"We did a wedding Friday for a couple who wanted an Apache prayer added," Gonzalez said.

The duo said they hope build up the business to a point where they are marrying four to six couples a day or more.

According to ABC News, they performed their first Wedding Wagon ceremony just last week and have married four couples so far.

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