Valley watches and waits as manhunt unfolds

POSTED: 11:52 PM PST Feb 12, 2013 
Valley watches manhunt unfold
LA QUINTA, Calif. -

Eyes in the Coachella Valley were glued to television screens, smartphones, and computers for the latest. Many were captivated by the trail of events leading to Tuesday's shootout with the manhunt suspect and ex-cop Christopher Dorner.

"Every minute could be something new," said Nicholas Uschyk, of Palm Springs.

Uschyk, who we met at the Beer Hunter in La Quinta, says he spent the day getting information from "Social media, friends, phone calls, and friends with the LAPD have kind of been able to give me more of an update."

Even law enforcement tuned in for a play-by-play, getting the tragic news that a San Bernardino County Sheriff's deputy, wounded in the gunfight with the suspect, died.

"It's a very difficult day. It's a very tight family and community because of what we do," said Indio Police Department spokesman Ben Guitron.

Many of people shared their thoughts on our Facebook page.

Dave Parsons posted, "Sad to see a former cop turn on his own and none of his victims had anything to do with his issue."

"My sympathies to the families and blessings to those who work so hard to protect us daily. It seems to take something like this to voice our appreciation of the hard jobs they have and the dangers they face," said Carol Kelly Swent.

Celia Martinez posted, "Will be praying for all them who lost their lives. I pray he gets brought to justice."

Neighbors watched and anxiously waited to see how the manhunt unfolds.

"I think everyone who knows what's going on wants to see the best ending possible," said Alex Nagron, of La Quinta.

Guitron says, "The bottom line is there's nothing to do to take life back. There's a lot of friends and family who lost loved ones."

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