Two-headed pig born in China

Photos show pig with 2 snouts, 2 ears and shared eye

POSTED: 06:11 AM PDT Apr 15, 2013    UPDATED: 08:50 AM PDT Apr 15, 2013 
Two-headed pig China

A rare, two-headed pig was born last week in a village in eastern China.

A local vet told AFP the condition was cause by a rare deformity and the pig, born in Jiujiang, would not live very long.

But its owners have decided not to slaughter the animal right away, according to the Inquisitr.

Photos show the pig with two snouts, two ears and what appears to be a shared eye.

The deformity may be the same condition, called "axial bifurcation," that researchers determined was the cause of the two-headed bull shark in a study published this March, according to NBC News.