If every great romance must eventually run its course, officials at the Austrian Zoo said the century-long love affair between two 115-year-old giant tortoises may not have a happy ending.

Zoo officials in Klagenfurt said they've tried everything to get BiBi and Poldi back together again, after Bibi bit off a chunk of her mate's shell and then continued to attack him until he was moved to another enclosure, the Austrian Times reported.

Zoo Director Helga Happ said the estranged pair now refuses to share a cage together, the same pen they've cohabitated in for 36 years. Before that, the couple grew up together at the Basel zoo in Switzerland.

"We get the feeling they can't stand the sight of each other anymore," Happ told the newspaper.

According to the Times, animal keepers at the zoo said nothing has changed in the pair's routine, it's just that Bibi in particular wanted to have the cage to herself and be single.

Zoo officials said they have called in animal experts to try and coax the wayward twosome back together with couples counseling, romantic meals and partner games. So far, they have had no success.

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