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The military is looking over footage of the attack on Osama bin Laden's compound in Pakistan. Members of the U.S. Navy SEAL team were wearing helmet-mounted digital cameras that recorded everything. A terrorist attack in northwest Pakistan Friday was apparently retaliation for the killing of bin Laden. At least 80 people were killed.


The National Guard is working fast to build a flood barrier around Morgan City, Louisiana. It could see major flooding if a spillway on the Mississippi River is opened north of Baton Rouge. About 600 people had to evacuate in Vicksburg, Mississippi.


The Obama administration is losing a key player in the Middle East peace effort. A senior U.S. official says Mideast envoy George Mitchell is resigning.


Food and gas keep getting more expensive, which is why the government says inflation rose by more than 3% in the past year. Gas prices are up over 30% from a year ago.


Republican Congressman Ron Paul announced Friday he's running for president in 2012. He's run twice before, and says the third time will be the charm. Paul made the announcement in New Hampshire, which will hold the first presidential primary next year.