INDIO, Cali. -

 For a child, a teddy bear can mean the world, especially at this time of year.
     That's why the Desert Outreach Foundation gave away 500 bears this holiday season.
     "I mean we do this every year but it's a special time this year when you're thinking about children, of course. We give to the hospitals, to child abuse centers. These kids you know, they're in a difficult situation. We just think it's nice to bring a smile to their face, even for a moment," said Jack Williams, president of the foundation's board of directors.
     Williams personally delivers the bears to different organizations, including Olive Crest which puts a bear on every child's bed when they arrive.
     Angela Allen is development coordinator at Olive Crest Homes and Services for Abused Children. She told us, "Sometimes they have absolutely nothing. They have maybe the clothes on their back, they don't have any toys, they don't have any personal belongings except what we provide. So, when they get a bear like this and they get to take it home with them or back with them, this is their bear forever."
     Desert Outreach delivers 1000 bears every year.
     500 during the month of April, national child abuse prevention month, and another 500 for the holiday season.
     J-F-K Memorial Hospital was Williams' fourth stop, where he gave a bear to James Resvaloso. James' mother, Monica, says the bear makes this difficult time better for her and her son. "I have other kids at home, and I haven't done no like shopping or anything yet for them. But, I have to be here for him," Resvaloso said.
     The foundation has been giving out bears and smiles since 2002, with more than 8,500 delivered so far, and thousands more to come.

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