Special training for firefighters at Agua Caliente

POSTED: 04:32 PM PST Nov 08, 2012    UPDATED: 06:20 PM PST Nov 08, 2012 
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     It was the third and final day of the high rise training program that begins in the classroom and covers building construction, and fire protection systems. Individual components of the training are then put into practice before implementing them all in the full exercise.
     The simulation begins with a call of smoke on the twelfth floor from an unknown source. The different engine groups quickly pull up to the curb and hurry inside to check in with a make shift command post. Accountability in these types of situations is key. Everyone who heads into the building must check in before assisting with the call, just in case something happens.
     The crews lug their gear up all twelve flights of stairs before assessing the situation and applying what they've learned.
     These types of events are what Battalion Chief Dan Talbot calls low frequency, high risk, for which training is essential. He said, "It's very useful training. It's advanced training beyond the basic level and we're asking our people to perform at a very high level, doing the exercises and to put a complex plan together and make it work for the incident."
     Firefighters in Riverside County are responsible for approximately 24 high rise buildings, and would assist in several more outside county lines. Luckily, no event has occurred so far on the scale this training simulates, but it's always better to be safe than sorry.