You know you will get ticketed if you're caught texting and driving without a hand held device,  but did you know using your smartphone to help you with directions can also lead to a citation?

A recent Superior Court ruling in Fresno makes it very clear that holding a smartphone to look at maps while driving is a no-no.

The court ruled against a motorist who challenged a ticket for using a smartphone to map directions.

The court ruled smartphone mapping comes under the law that forbids drivers from having any kind of wireless device in their hands.

"It's tough because the map in my car is not updated as much as the map on my phone, so that might be a problem because I am going to have to spend hundreds of dollars to update the GPS in the car," said Cody Burke of Palm Desert. He commented on juggling smartphone mapping and driving while filling his car with gas at the Arco station on the corner of Cook Street and Gerald Ford Drive in Palm Desert.

While the ruling in Fresno only applied to Fresno County,  the California Highway Patrol cites motorists statewide if caught holding a mobile device for any kind of reason.

In California, motorists that need directions are advised to use GPS devices mounted on the dashboard or devices that can be activated by sound.  It's also not a bad idea to pull off the road before looking at a map.