After a recluse was found dead in his Nevada home in June, it was reportedly discovered that he'd left behind $7 million worth of gold and coins.

Walter Samasko Jr.'s body was discovered after neighbors complained about a smell, according to the Las Vegas Sun.

Officials, cleaning the house for sale, struck gold: They found gold bars and gold coins boxed up in the garage and house, the newspaper reported.

Samasko had left no will, according to the Las Vegas Sun and The Associated Press. Local officials said they used a list of attendees of the funeral of his mother, who had died in 1992, to locate a first cousin, Arlene Magdanz, a substitute teacher in California.

The Sun reported that it couldn’t reach Magdanz for comment, but that a lawyer who had spoken to her said this was her first reaction: "Oh, my God. Oh, my God."

Magdanz had not spoken with Samasko for a year, and had no plans for spending any forthcoming inheritance, according to the newspaper.