Rep. Raul Ruiz speaks out against 2014 Ryan Budget

POSTED: 03:18 PM PDT Mar 20, 2013 

Dr. Raul Ruiz (D-Palm Desert) delivered remarks on the House floor today in opposition to the Fiscal Year 2014 Ryan Budget, which ends the Medicare guarantee for seniors. Here are his remarks:

"This Congress has a responsibility and an opportunity to work together to grow our economy and set this nation on a fiscally responsible path. However, the Ryan budget is irresponsible and places the burden of the deficit on hard-working American families and seniors. This plan ends the guarantee of Medicare.

"As an ER doctor, I know that many of my senior patients are struggling financially and rely on Medicare. Our priority should be reducing healthcare costs in order to make Medicare stronger and sustainable. But this budget transforms Medicare into a voucher program, shifting the cost of health care to our seniors.

"We must work together to protect and preserve Medicare, reduce our deficit, and decrease healthcare costs. I urge my colleagues to come together across party lines and put American families and our seniors first."