A registered sex offender steps down from volunteering with the band at Cathedral City High School.

Palm Spring Unified School District communications manager Joan Boiko says they found out Monday the parent resigned last week.

Boiko says the district knew the person is a parent and a registered sex offender.

"The parent has been a long time parent with the district and has had a long standing agreement with the district, first the middle school where his children attended and then at the high school. The agreement is he will notify the administration when he will be on campus and when he will be on campus and he has done that each and every time he's been on campus," said Boiko.

KESQ is not identifying the parent's name to protect the identity of the children.

The parent spoke with us on the phone and said they resigned because they didn't want to cause any trouble for the school and to protect the identity of his children.

Cathedral police say they are looking into whether he violated any laws by volunteering. A registered sex offender who is a parent is allowed to be involved in their child's schooling but not allowed to volunteer. Police are investigating whether or not the parent cross that line in this case.

Boiko also said the parent has never been alone with a child on campus to their knowledge.

Boiko said, "There have been no complaints that have come to the districts about this parents and his involvement with other children."

The school district says if parents have questions or concerns they can give them a call.