Reaction to resignation of Pope Benedict XVI

Next Pope should be in place by Easter Sunday

POSTED: 09:49 PM PST Feb 11, 2013 
Pope Benedict XVI

In his eight years leading the Vatican, Pope Benedict XVI never veered from his conservative beliefs.  He condemned gay marriage, the ordination of women and allowing priests to marry.

Father Miguel Ceja, a popular pastor in the Coachella Valley before moving to Our Lady of Hope in San Bernardino, believes it would be good for the church, if the next pope is more liberal.

"Do you want someone who's more conservative that's going to take us back to the dark ages, or do you want a pope that is going to take us forward, that it will be in a way relevant to the issues that the world is facing," said Ceja.

Catholic cardinals will gather in Rome in early March to elect a new pope.  Benedict's successor will likely be in place by Easter Sunday.