Protected LAPD officers speak out after Dorner death

POSTED: 04:25 PM PST Feb 19, 2013 
Dorner manhunt

The Los Angeles Police Department is beginning the healing process after the Christopher Dorner manhunt. Tuesday morning, some of Dorner's targets came out of hiding at a news conference.  They shared their stories of a scary two weeks for the first time. "They gave us the comfort to sometimes sleep at night, but they gave our family the comfort to know we would make it through this," said LAPD Captain Phil Tingirides. 

It's finally safe for him to speak. Dorner named Tingirides as a target in his manifesto before his killing spree began.  Tingirides was on the panel which eventually led to the firing of Dorner.  It sent the family into shock, fear and disbelief.  "How could a man whos' given so much of his heart and soul and compassion and so much of this police department with so much integrity be a target by someone who had less than a 100 days on the police department?" said Sergeant Emada Tingirides, also a member of the LAPD.

The Tingirides' and their six children could only wait with the more than fifty families whose homes remained guarded by officers during the Dorner manhunt.   "For us, it was being strong, so that we didn't instill more fear into the kids," said Phil. 

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck also spoke at the news conference about Dorner's manifesto.  The department continues to investigate his claims of police brutality, racism, and wrongful termination.  "If we don't have public confidence, I can't provide public safety," said Beck.  "It's very important to me that we address this, it's very important that we address it publicly,  and do what we can do rebuild bridges that have been damaged."

Chief Beck also spoke about the more than one million dollar reward for Dorner's conviction and capture.  "We generated countless tips because of it.  It had its desired effect, it should be paid out," said Chief Beck.  "It has to be done fairly, it has to be done according to the rules that govern these things." 

A panel is deciding whether the reward should go to one person or split between several, then Beck will make his recommendation.