Political rally excites in Palm Desert

POSTED: 05:26 PM PDT Oct 13, 2012    UPDATED: 05:30 PM PDT Oct 13, 2012 

"There is no greater American tradition than wanting to have difference of opinion. That is the beauty of democracy," 36th Congressional Candidate Dr. Raul Ruiz said.
Then quite a beautiful democracy took center stage in the Coachella Valley Saturday afternoon. In palm desert, democrats gathered in full force trying to turn the valley blue.  

Dr. Ruiz pointed out what makes him different.

"I don't bring this hyper-partisan name calling vicious attack type thing. I want to make sure that we can come together as a community and come up with some viable solutions," Ruiz said.

Senator Barbara Boxer showed her support for the man she says embodies the Coachella Valley.

"You have a man who wants to get this Coachella Valley going again. He cares about the people here. He's of the people here. He worked his way up. He got the American dream," Boxer said.

"I don't ask patients if they're republican or democrat. I see a problem and I fix it. A broken bone is a broken bone whether you're from the east side or west side."

However, Joyce Thornton says she see something that's broken and believes Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack is the person to fix it.

"If we continue to go higher with our deficit, China or one other country will own us. We'll lose our freedoms," Thornton said. "Our grandkids and great-grandkids are going to pay for this," Thornton said.

Republican volunteers spent the Saturday going door to door, and working a phone bank.

The major message from both parties - please vote on November 6th.