Non-profit group now running Palm Springs Animal Shelter

POSTED: 05:04 PM PDT Nov 01, 2012    UPDATED: 05:25 PM PDT Nov 01, 2012 

 Slightly a year after it's grand opening, the non-profit group, "Friends of the Palm Springs Animal Shelter," is now responsible for day to day operations.
 A big change that's sure to make a big difference.
 Mayor Pro Tem of Palm Springs Ginny Foat is the new city liaison to Shelter.
 "I'm just delighted that we've done this I think it's a very progressive thing for our city to have done. So, this is not your grandfather's pound, this is the animal shelter that is going to set a model I think, for the Coachella Valley if not further," Foat said.
 The city expects to save about $300,000 a year and the shelter will still expand services, since it can now apply for grants.
 Stephen Boyd is Vice President of The Friends of Palm Springs Animal Shelter.
 "As a non-profit we are going out there and soliciting a lot of grants. There's Petco grants which we've received more $10,000 to do spay and neuters, we can actually apply for grants for food, water, a lot of those things that are very impactful to the bottom line in operations, we can actually get for free," Boyd said.
 The city will still provide money to operate the shelter, but thanks to support from the new non-profit operators, it will now be open an extra day a week and provide programs only a non-profit can.
 "We're doing a lot more fostering, we're doing our spay and neuters in house, the community education, we're expanding our volunteer program, community education," said Boyd. "Just a lot of things that we as a nonprofit can do for the community that the city, when they're offering basically the shelters basic operations, basic functions."
 The shelter will hire about 13 people for these new services from groomers to care managers and registered veterinary technicians.
 The shelter still needs donations to help buy medical kits. To donate, or to volunteer, you can visit the non-profit's website at