There are those who appreciate Disney, and then there are fill-every-corner-of-your-house with Mickey memorabilia level fanatics. Janet Esteves has gone one step further with her mouse appreciation and set two Guinness World Records in the process, and is in the hunt for a third.

The Orlando Sentinel reported that the 57-year-old Esteves has held the world record for the largest documented Mickey Mouse memorabilia collection in the world. She set her first record in 2006, when her collection numbered about 2,100 items, then she trumped that record when her collection spiked to about 4,127 Mickey items a few years later.

"This is a passion," Esteves told the newspaper. "Actually, it's an obsession. Some people think it's crazy, but frankly, I don't care."

She said her collection has now expanded by about 2,000 items to total more than 6,000 Mickey's since Guinness' last count.

According to the Sentinel, Esteves and her husband's love of all things Disney even motivated them to move-in full time to a vacation condo they own in Celebration, Fla. -- a master-planned community near Walt Disney World -- that was originally developed by The Walt Disney Company.

Esteves told the newspaper that she has taken on a new Mickey-themed passion that she hopes may also set a record: posing for photos with costumed Mickey's on all Disney properties in each of his more than 200 outfits.

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