A Washington, D.C., man took the law into his own hands after his bicycle was stolen.

Danny Lesh told Washington TV station WABC he recently lent his 14-year-old Cannondale bicycle to a friend, who locked it up with a cable bike lock that was cut through by an enterprising thief.

After the $600 bike was stolen, Lesh checked Craigslist and found a post advertising it for $100.

He arranged to see the bike in person, intending to buy it back, but then asked to take it for a test ride -- and never came back.

“I stole it. I stole my bike back from the thief,” Lesh told WABC.

The thief, with whom Lesh had arranged the meeting by cellphone, began calling Lesh and threatened to call the police.

Lesh later put up his own post on Craigslist, warning other site users about the thief, Washington TV station WRC reported.