Local middle school honors Sandy Hook victims

POSTED: 05:26 PM PST Dec 21, 2012    UPDATED: 07:13 PM PST Dec 21, 2012 

One week since twenty children and six adults had their lives taken by a gunman in Newtown, Connecticut-- people across the United States are honoring their memory.

Students at Raymond Cree middle school in Palm Springs observed a statewide moment of silence to remember the victims from Sandy Hook elementary. "We got to be part of it," said Austin Good. "It's good that we did it, because it's good to tell the people in Newtown that we care about what happened to them."

While the students found comfort in the opportunity to honor the lost lives, they still felt sadness for the families of the victims who would not get to celebrate the holidays with their children. "They just go to school one day, and the teachers have little like wrapping paper and getting all ready and then, that horrible thing happened," said Sunny Rolfs. "Now their parents are like so sad around the holidays and it's heartbreaking."

The moment of silence allowed the students to not only think about the children who lost their lives, but also the adults. "I can't imagine a person doing that to those innocent children, and I think what the teachers did was very heroic saving all the kids that they taught, and all the  people will always be remembered," said Chelsea Bradley.

After last week's tragedy, some of the students also wrote letters to the parents of the victims.  "So I wrote and I was just explaining how I wish could do more and felt so sorry and I don't know and I was just, I'm sorry, I can't you know," said Rolf. "I just felt so sad."

Despite being separated by thousand of miles, these students continue to show their support for a community in the pain. "I'll say they're in our hearts, sorry for their losses and keep them in our prayers," said Damion Lee.