Job hunters face hidden problems

POSTED: 04:54 PM PDT Sep 10, 2012    UPDATED: 10:21 PM PDT Sep 10, 2012 
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PALM DESERT,. Calif. -

Larry Myers stood in line at Bighorn Golf Club, ready to start working again. It's been a year.

"I'm looking for a job as a restaurant supervisor. I've had years of management and also owned my own restaurant," Myers said.

With only 96,000 jobs added last month -- not even close to the 130,000 many economists had predicted -- Bighorn Golf Club's job fair was a blessing for many.

"It's a variety of positions we're looking for from chef cuisine to servers to ladies locker room attendants to graphic artists position," Bighorn Director of Marketing Theresa Maggio said.

Bighorn will fill about 20 jobs. Around 400 people came to the job fair.

Just this past weekend, the Tilted Kilt in Palm Desert hosted a casting call looking to fill over 100 positions. Myers says lack of jobs isn't the issue. It's not just the competition that's the competition.

"Sometimes you go to these job fairs and you're interviewed by somebody who is 22 years old and head of HR. It's a little intimidating. You don't know if they really understand your abilities," Myers said.

Myers said being a seasoned professional with an extensive resume sometimes seems to make the job hunt even harder.

"I don't really want to be in restaurant management anymore, but they look at you and think you're over qualified to do a restaurant supervisor job," Myers said.

People who are of working age who are actually working is now at about 65%. That's its lowest level since 1981. These long lines at Bighorn show people are really trying.

"It gives me hope that people haven't given up. I think there is a job for everybody," Maggio said.