After the service his sister Marilyn had this to say, "I'm overwhelmed by, I mean I knew he was a good man, you know, and all this just reinforces it, and I'm just so proud of him. You know he really was a good man who cared about people, and I know our parents would be very proud of him."

 Time and time again his friends and family took turns speaking about how they came to know Gordon, and how he played a special role in each of their lives. The Mayor Pro Tem of Rancho Mirage moved to California from Minnesota permanently after serving four years in the navy. It was here we're he meant his partner Charles Townsend.
     Townsend had this to say after the service, "He'll be greatly missed by everybody, I really mean that and I just wish everybody would have had or could have just one-tenth of the life that I've had with him, I really mean that. If you got that, you've won everything."
     Moller served 25 years as an executive with the International Aluminum Corporation and co-owned and operated The Charles Townsend Collection with his partner for 30 years.
     He served two terms as president of Rancho Mirage Chamber of Commerce before being elected to city council in 2006.
     Rancho Mirage Mayor Scott Hines, said that with all of the mudslinging in this 2012 election season, Gordon was a constant reminder to treat everyone with respect, kindness and civility.
     "The refocus is to honor Gordon and to step down from some of the rhetoric that we're hearing on television and just honor those who step up to serve their communities. Gordon did it with a pure heart, always."
     For the Coachella Valley, the Rancho Mirage community, and those lucky enough to know him personally, Gordon "Sonny" Moller will be truly missed.