For nearly two years, Geoff Geng would spend time as a caregiver for Chandra Saras, a woman he said that didn't care to spend too much time in public.

"I would go shopping for her, and she would accompany me at certain times just to get out of the house," Geng said. "She was very polite and kind in public. That's what's interesting about her. But when she got home, she went into this reclusive life."

While he's sad to hear of her death earlier this week, he said he's not too surprised by the news, because of how Saras treated others.

"The suddenness of the event, I knew Chandra had problems," Geng said. "And I knew that something like this might happen to her."

Desert Hot Springs Police officers said they found Saras dead after responding to a home in the 64100 block of Mount Blanc Court in August.

The case was at first treated as a "suspicious death," until police got more evidence about what happened to Saras.

After officers arrested Saras' former caregiver, Kelly Lee Phillips, earlier this week, Geng said he believes Phillips could've done it, having been in her shoes before.

"I was tolerant to the point for almost two years," Geng said "I think once you get to the point with a person you're trying to help or assist, it's time to quit and move on."

Phillips was also charged with breaking and entering, intimidating a witness and forging checks.

Phillips is scheduled to be arraigned in court next Tuesday.

Desert Hot Springs Police officers say it's always crucial to do research and check the backgrounds of caregivers before hiring them.