Fiscal cliff frustrations continue

POSTED: 05:28 PM PST Dec 31, 2012    UPDATED: 06:07 PM PST Dec 31, 2012 

When the ball drops at midnight, most will be celebrating, but come New Year's Day, the new year could bring new problems.

"I think they ought to get their buns in gear and get something down on paper," Nancy Hobley said.

"It's something that should have been addressed three four years ago when the budget should have been set then. I blame everyone in Congress not just Republicans and Democrats, it's across the entire board," Ruth Becker said.

"They always do the tax increases, but they never do the tax cuts. If the fiscal cliff happens and all the triggers happen automatically, which it probably wont, but if it did, they'd have to cut expenses," Don Hobley.
As Republicans and Democrats continue to search for a resolution for the ever frustrating fiscal cliff conundrum, people in the Coachella Valley wait -- on the edge of their seats -- some quite afraid.

"I am afraid we are going to head for another recession, but we'll just have to buckle under and deal with it," Ruth Becker said.

"It's not just tax increases or decreases, it's the fact that a lot of people are going to lose money they need to live on," Nancy Hobley said.

Still, others say this dramatic delay is nothing but for dramatic affect.

"It's just the atmosphere of administration against the other side. It's all politics. I don't have any worries. I'm sure they'll pass it," Rick Mello said.

Here's what followers responded on Facebook when we asked "What is the most frustrating thing about the fiscal cliff?"

Kathryn said: "That they want to raise taxes on job creators and not make any substantial cuts. The problem is spending, not taking more money from the earners."

Tawney said: "It's really time to stop playing games. It's not the playground afterall."

Josh said: "The entire subject is a distraction from far more important issues facing the world."
People say they just want the start of 2013 to be a strong one - which would be something to celebrate.