Federal monitors will be present at Riverside County voting places

Riverside County among 51 jurisdictions being watched for voting irregularities

POSTED: 10:30 PM PST Nov 05, 2012 
Person voting

Riverside County is one of only two counties in California that will be under the microscope of the U.S. Department of Justice on Election Day.          

Justice Department agents began monitoring polling sites in Riverside County during the June 2010 primary election after the DOJ determined the county had violated the Voting Rights Act by leaving some Spanish speaking voters in the dark on how to cast their ballot.
"The compliance was not there due to specific voter complaints of not having the necessary assistance to be able to vote independently at the polling place and also assistance in order to mark the ballots," said Art Tinoco, Riverside County Chief Deputy Registrar of Voters.

As part of an agreement with the DOJ, Riverside County polling stations are required to have at least one bilingual poll worker on duty at all of its 642 polling locations.

If the county continues to show no voters are being left out, Tuesdays election could be the last time it comes under the scrutiny of federal monitors.

"If all goes well this election, we will be going under review next year and it's very possible that we might no longer need to continue under this agreement," said Tinoco.

The agreement is set to expire March 31, 2013.

The federal monitors will also be making sure the polls can accommodate voters with disabilities and that no one is intimidated to vote a certain way.